Treated pine Warranty

Ensuring that you have correctly used, maintained, resealed and where necessary painted (or oiled) your treated timbers, then the warranted lifespan of your timber will vary between 25 – 50 years. This warranty is a manufacturers warranty and is NOT a warranty of The Log Factory.

H3 or H4 cannot be used in permanently wet environments, including areas that are boggy or areas that are susceptible to long periods of high moisture retention.

Please contact us should you wish to make a claim so that we can direct you to the correct Treatment manufacturer. It is very important that you keep your Original receipt as proof of purchase. Additionally, do not remove, dismantle, cut, or modify any of the timbers you are claiming for prior to contacting us – as doing so will result in a voided claim. Additionally we must be able to identify the timber being claimed. Thus, do not remove any manufacturers brandings and also try to further document any other physically identifiable proof of purchase. If you cannot adequately prove the identity of the timber then your claim will be rejected. As your warranty is offered by the Treatment manufacturers you will have to review their warranties directly. Depending on the profile and/or length and/or sawmill and/or treatment manufacturer and/or Treatment type and/or Treatment level – it is impossible to detail exact warranties for each sale made by The Log Factory. However it is likely that your timbers will be treated with products from either Osmose/ Koppers Australia. For information regarding their warranties, please go to their websites.

Please note that scientific analyses will establish whether or not your timber has been properly maintained, painted, oiled, resealed and otherwise used in accordance with the warranty. In the event of a rejected claim then The Log Factory, or its suppliers reserve the right to recover costs for the handling, processing and determination of the claim.