Please find below links to a variety of our Information pages. These pages offer a range of topics, including Treated Pine warranty information, through to Treated Pine Span details. Please note that the span details listed are not to be used as a construction or design guide – they are offered as a guide to pricing.
Whilst we have taken as much care as possible in re-producing the information container herein, please remember that you shouldn’t undertake any building or construction project unless you are properly qualified.

Building calculatorsAngle calculator
Maintaining Treated PineA few basic tips on maintenance of your Treated Pine.
Treated Pine ChemicalsThis very briefly explains the different types of chemicals used in Treated Timbers.
Resealing Cut PineCorrectly seal your timber after it has been cut and ensure you use the correct resealer.
Painting Treated PineSome of the new Arsenic Free treatments MUST be painted to ensure your guarantee.
Warranty InformationThis details what you must do to maintain your warranty. It also provides links to current warranty information from the treatment providers.
Identifying your Treated PineThis is important in establishing warranty period, painting requirements, and necessary precautionary measures
Treatment LevelsEnsure that you have chosen the correct Treatment level for the job
Terms & ConditionsIt is important that you understand our service and delivery guidelines
How to build a fence (PDF)PDF Guide of Instructions for installing treated pine fencing, includes making rounded arches.
Delivery AreaCheck this out and make sure we deliver to your area
Contact usIn emergency, or to cancel an order