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Garden Edge & Pegs

Internet prices will only apply to orders placed via our online store. Ex Yard prices will vary.

  • Garden Edge is Treated H4 for in ground use.
  • Lengths of Garden Edge are 4.8-5.4 or 6.0 subject to availability.
  • Finish is sawn
  • A minimum order of $250 applies to this range unless ordered in conjunction with other products.
  • The products that are suitable are in other Categories .Simply Click on the product link below
  • 75x25 Sawn
  • 100x25 Sawn
  • 150x25 Sawn
  • 80x40 Sawn
  • 100x40 Sawn
  • 150x40 Sawn
  • Pegs 300mm or Pegs 450mm

  • Please select from the products below (ALL PRICES INCLUDE GST)
    DescriptionPriceIn Stock
    Peg 45x35mm x 300mm ea.$1.60
    Peg 45x35mm x 450mm ea.$2.40
    Peg H4 -75x25mm x 300mm ea$1.60
    Peg H4 -75x25mm x 450mm ea$2.40
    Peg H4 -75x38mm x 300mm ea$1.90
    Peg H4 -75x38mm x 450mm ea$2.90